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Apex Card Services™
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On December 31st. 2022, ZenChip PRIME ™ proudly announced to the world the launch of their Exclusive Card Membership, The Apex Card™. A Multi-Currency Global Debit Card. For more Information, or to get your own premier virtual card and pre-order your physical card, Please Click Here: https://apexcardservice.com

By obtaining this Unique, World Patented Card, you gain access to many valuable services which are gaining popularity with the Cryptocurrency Community by making Crypto Mobile payments and acquisitions as simple as a push of a button.

This is paramount in order to pay and move multi currencies around the world legally and at blazing fast speeds with full accounting and Our Patented Proof of Currency Conversion Technology.

The Apex Card Collection™ Is Accepted In Over 210 Countries By all MasterCard® Retailers.

If you are looking for a way to turn your cryptocurrency into spendable funds, pay someone, get paid by someone or even convert your currency to another currency, create unlimited ewallets and move it to another ewallet in seconds, Apex Card™ Services is that Answer.

The Apex Card™ gives you the perfect way to spend money at over 140 Million retail vendor locations around the world, and we’re growing incredibly fast.


Travel and Purchase Rewards Program

Our team of dedicated lifestyle managers are experienced at creating unique, one-of-a-kind experience for our members. We provide VIP Service with Our Exclusive Concierge Access to be commensurate with Members GOLD, Platinum, or Double Platinum Card Status.

Need ATM Quick Cash?

Head to the nearest ATM to get the money you need. Want to buy that once in a lifetime present for that special someone using cryptocurrency or FIAT from another wallet?

Use your Apex Card ™ or The ZenChip PRIME Gold Card™ to spend as much as you want. No artificial limits with ultra low conversion costs.

Platinum And Gold Service

When you join Apex Card Services™ or The Front Desk Point of Sale Platform, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program. Explore the benefits of our virtual card services and pre-order your own Apex Card Now!

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