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In a world where over three billion people per day are connected online, cars now drive themselves and appliances can communicate with each other. Social platforms and interactions are still stuck in the disco era. At ZenChip PRIME Financial, our proprietary software engages people, brings social networking and interactions to a brand new level.

Why? Because the system infrastructure and  onboarding procedures was built before the Internet with few updates since. when you consider the degree of fraud that STILL takes place around the globe it is frightening. This must change!

Welcome to Apex NFT Card™ By ZenChip PRIME Financial™

Our goal is to make product purchasing with international consumer companies stronger and more competitive in foreign markets through educating and equipping companies with our virtual processing system. Using our proprietary system from your merchant dashboard, we will bring 100% Transparency, Security, Full Accounting, Point of Conversion, Stock Management and with over 25 Product Reports to easily keep your business on track and automated with Apex Front Desk.  

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If you have a business online, a physical business or just thinking about starting one…We have the Apex Front Desk Suite and Terminal Built for you and your business needs.

From managing your products, services and stock, our Point of Sale with Online Currency Conversion Patented Reporting is state of the art and runs on Enhanced Ai. That way you can get back to doing what you do best Running Your Business

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The Apex Front Desk General Retailer's Edition

Black Tie Front Desk Terminal For Casinos and Hotels

MonstaPay Front Desk Terminal For Dispensaries

Valkyrie Front Desk For Guns, Ammo and Sporting Goods

With A Secure Crypto Integrated Payment Gateway

Our Point of Sale Front Desk Platform Is Integrated With The Fastest and Most Reliable Payment Gateway
With One Click Activation.

Building Technology Into Mobility

A Payment Gateway That Is Smart, Reliable, Intuitive and Inexpensive From Day 1.

ZenChip PRIME™ is pleased to announce our most recent partnership with ForumPay.  A borderless Banking relationship and crypto payment processing Fintech firm. Together, we are utilizing our combined strengths , expertise in technology and patented process to bring e-commerce style mobile banking with complete accounting across the globe along with digital asset protection and our new Apex NFT Card™ Member Services Platform.

Our patented solution dramatically reduce fraud for consumer clients, credit card companies, financial institutions, trading, cryptocurrency organizations and merchants with instant MFA identity verification that is inexpensive to implement while in the same instant, convenient and simple to use for our card members and merchants.

Online Currency Conversion With Time Date Stamping

With Real Time Reporting

Proven Patented Process In Currency Conversion Technology

Our card members get Immediate & discreet high limit access to their funds due to our patented frictionless banking technology.

Apex NFT Card™ Members can deposit unlimited amounts in a secure, segregate EURO, GBP and Decentralized USD virtual account. 

Apex NFT Card™ Members can also cash withdraw up to $250,000 USD (Per Day) over bank counters and cash advance into external accounts as allowed by depositing bank, Apex Card Member to Apex Card Member. Wallet to wallet transfers are always free.

ATM withdrawal restrictions subject to individual machine limits, usually up to $250,000 USD or equivalent.

A Complete Ecosystem of Benefits

Apex NFT Card™ Member Services With Integrated POS Platform, Rewards Cards,
Mobile E-Money Management And Full Accounting Bookkeeping Services

Imagine For A Moment

A world in which you can do all your banking, run your business, do your accounting to the penny, order stock and pay for it, issue cards to your suppliers, Employees AND Customers to almost any place in the world. –

We Are Creating That World.

ZenChip PRIME™ implements our online patented system of POC (Point of Conversion) not only to strengthen but manage transparency through money transfers. It’s YOUR Money, Why should you have jump through hoops to send it? Our Unique System implements the monetary policy, credit and banking services securely through our Apex Front Desk™ POS Dashboard with full accounting services, taxation benefits and card issuance to our merchants, their clients, suppliers and vendors.

ZenChip PRIME™ Corp. has Designed, Developed and Launched the most comprehensive Money Management Software for merchants as well as their customer base with our Apex NFT Passport Card™ Rewards Program. This allows seamless transfer of funds with a web deployable, complete bookkeeping and accounting platform integrated with a membership based debit card payment system.

This allows vendors to manage their business finances, stock, purchases and even their own suppliers as well as sell their services online and in person. Our merchants can issue cards to their employees for weekly or bi-weekly payroll. Our Proprietary Front Desk™ Solution also allows merchants an easy to use, inexpensive new payment gateway, integrated without additional coding by users or hidden fees.

With Top Tier Bookkeeping and Accounting Services provided through integration top rated accounting firms, we will set the new standard from which all blockchain based exchanges will be examined by government regulatory departments in the not too distant future.

Secure Global Crypto Payment Processing With Apex Card Real Rewards Club

The World's First NFT Debit Card

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The Apex NFT Card™ e-Wallet app Is a complete Bio-authenticated, hexadecimal debit card app that is secured without having to be pre qualified by a bank or other financial institution, because each card user is basically his/her own personal bank through our Proprietary Apex Card™ Membership Program.

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