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The Realm™ Virtual World
Is Now Open For Affiliates

Limited to Only 2,500

Our developers at Alchemy Studios Florida have just announced the release of VMax Brokers and The Affiliate Program.

The Realm™ will be the best virtual world on the planet. We have already beat out 60 other Metaverses according to a group in New York who were commissioned to find the best company. They found The Realm™   

We have developed a clear monetization strategy that balances revenue generation with providing real asset based return value to our business vendors, users, members and players. This includes Virtual Goods, Advertising, Subscription Models, All Content Assets and fractional ownership of The Realm’s™ NFT’s.

Why We Are The Best:

Our developers have unique talents and experience in virtual world creation, their creative abilities and dedication to achieving Hyper Realism in our new virtual world and changing the physical world by bringing the Realm to its full potential.

We Beat 60 Other Virtual Worlds in Conceptual Content Alone!

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The Virtual Experience of The Realm™

We offer something unique that sets us apart from existing platforms. As innovative as our solutions in virtual technology are, our specific goal is a unique user experience in a fully cryptocurrency transactional virtual world of its own.

The Virtual Experience of The Realm™

We focus on creating an engaging with a unique user-friendly experience. We pay close attention to our design, ease of use, and (real) world accessibility through The Apex NFT Card Program.

Providing Infrastructure with a Virtual Economic System In The Realm™

We are the Kings of Ecosystem and encourage developers to create content and applications inside The Realm™ then we Monetize it, Tokenize it and Promote for them to make a name for themselves as a content creator, media influencer author or artist.

The Realm™ will be the best virtual world, built upon V-Commerce on planet Earth. We have already beat out 60 other metaverses according to a Major Financial Group in New York who were commissioned to find the best company to support. They found The Realm™ 

We At ZenChip PRIME Invite You To Preview Our Brave New World
- The Realm™ A World Like NO Other!

Our Long-Term Vision:

Platinum And Gold Service

When you join Apex NFT Passport Card Services™ you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program and “Path to Gold Program”. Also explore the benefits of our virtual card services and pre-order your own Apex NFT Passport™ Card Now!

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